Okay... let's see. I want to listen to Human Behavior by Bjork but I can only either write in complete silence or if I'm listening to classic music, or those ASMR videos where there's rain ambience and old music playing in the distance. So I guess this is just a reminder to listen to Human Behavior when I'm done with this.

My third semester started a little bit ago (literally since it's 2:55 A.M. right now) and I'm looking forward to that, kinda. Well. I mean it's better than doing nothing all day you know? As much as the NEET life sounds nice it really sucks, especially since for me it's involuntary. For some reason people just don't want to hire a 4'10" lady with a myriad of problems. Who'd a thunk!

In the meantime I've been drawing a lot. Okay well I'm pretty much always drawing but whatever. One thing that's nice is that I can draw really fast, I finished the pic to the right in a day (click it for da full resolution).

Well... technically a day and a half since I did the base sketch the night before but you get the gist. It's also a bonus since after DnD sessions I can pump out whatever went down. Usually, at least. There's a lot of things I still can't draw.

If you were wondering (I'm sure you were) that blonde lady is my sweet Aasimar nun named Cordelia. She's also one of my favorite OCs ever, if not my #1 fave. I've put a lot of time and love into her and I know I'm gonna be really sad when the campaign she's in ends. That pic is right before she stomps in the face of a woman who's partly responsible for killing her first love. She's never taken a life before that so that really fucked her up even more than she already was.

I might write more about her because I have... a LOT of thoughts but I'll spare you all and save that for another entry. I still need to think about the layout of my OC page for my art site, or if I'm even gonna do that at all. Anyways... if you got through all of this, thanks for readin. Really!