Bonus Sleepless Post

Writing again because I can't sleep and just finished this week's assignments. Though I don't really think they count as assignments since it was just a syllabus quiz and a discussion post. It's nice to have those out of the way at least. Right now my neighbor's chickens are making lots of noise which is fine, I mean, they're chickens of course they're gonna get a little loud. I hear chickens in the morning, mourning doves all through the day, then a single owl at night. Or it could be two owls and one is just really quiet. Maybe they alternate hoots.

You know what? Since I was up all night I thought "Well at least I can attend that first Zoom lecture for my psychology class at 8:30 AM!"... and so at about 8:28 I opened Zoom and patiently waited for the meeting to begin. Like, usually from my experience professors will open them a little earlier so more students can come in so I was confused, right? I was staring at my own reflection for about 5 minutes until I realized.

The lecture wasn't until tomorrow.

I think I'm ready to sleep for a solid 20 hours straight now.