Back 2 Skool (and more...)

God. Okay first day actually doing some assignments and I remembered just how boring it is. For my history of garden design class I had to write three paragraphs about the syllabus, talk about the history of a tree I knew (wtf) and write 300 words about plagiarism. It's due Sunday but I just wanted to get it out of the way now. Their only purpose was for the professor to know if we were going to actively participate in the class and if we didn't do it we'd get dropped. I mean, I get it, but is it THAT serious?! My other classes just made us write an introductory post.

Speaking of, I also wrote an intro post for my 20th century fashion design class (I wanted to take fun-sounding classes this semester ok) which had to consist of why you took that class in particular and your major, how long you've been at the college, etc. And this one girl wrote "I'm taking this because it sounds easy". I was like, OMG... you can't just SAY THAT!! Well you CAN but you SHOULDN'T! More power to her though I guess. I'm just glad all of this is finished so I can actually start learning now lol.

Last thing about skool shit is I was invited into a study group by a classmate but ended up not being able to actually join because they used iMessage of all fucking things and I have an Android. I was kinda excited since I really want to experience the Social Aspect of college but, you know, shit happens.

Anyways, has anyone ever called you their friend but you don't feel like they really like you? Like they always forget to respond to you, and never text first, and never or very rarely do anything for you while you've done a million things for them.

Sometimes I want to say something, but whenever I've tried to tell people about how they've hurt my feelings I just get a really dismissive response. Like "Okay? I'm sorry I did that I guess". And then I think, That doesn't make me feel better, it just makes me feel way worse. Just forget about it. I think I just give up at this point.

It's times like this where I wish I had a little tin can to kick around, damn it!