Study Sesh

Right now it's 6:30 A.M. and at 9 an exam for my history of fashion design course will open and I haven't studied AT ALL! I mean I never study really, but somehow it usually ends up alright. My past 2 semesters I had all A's except for one B in English because I didn't want to go ""above and beyond"" which just means having +3 pages per essay. Like come on man just be glad I submitted something!

Anyways, my last fashion exam didn't go as well as I planned. I mean, 19 out of 22 is okay, but I could do better you know? But the thing is 90% of the study guide was useless. What's even the point? Why the hell did I have to learn what was going down in 1800's France if it didn't even matter! I mean I know it had an influence on fashion at the time but god...

I just hope my professor gives us more time than the last exam; we only got 20 minutes last time which sounds like a lot until you're sitting there like a jackass wasting 3 minutes trying to remember what spats are. And man I don't even want to THINK about the exam for my logic class that's on Friday. 50 questions of "If A is B and B is C then A is C" whatever the hell that means. I really need to watch those lectures but if I have to spend even 1 minute of my life trying to understand the difference between a valid and sound argument I think my head will explode.

This is just the third week of the semester, so pray that I make it outta here without going completely bald from stress.


Well... could've been worse considering I only spent like 20 minutes studying. And by studying I mean looking at the review page. Just please no more questions about the different kinds of boot shapes...PLEASE...