This and that

This semester so far has been....... AHHH!!!!!!!!!! *stock scream sound effect* SO CRAPPY!! My logic professor does jack shit, he just tells us to read the textbook and do the practice questions at the end of the chapter. Why's he even here if all we're gonna do is read the textbook? I never thought I'd be asking for homework, but here we are!

It feels like each semester the professors care less and less towards online students. I'd go to classes on campus, but I live 30 minutes away and there's no public transport here. Does that mean my education is worth less than someone who's lucky enough to live near campus? UGH!

In more positive news, I had to pick up my ADHD perscription and my usual pharmacist wasn't in today, so I asked the lady working if she'd accept this discount card. I tried before, but my other pharmacist said that those weren't accepted for controlled substances. After handing the lady my phone with the discount card on it (and praying I didn't get any e-mails for toothpaste coupons while she had my phone) she told me that my pills would be $6. And I was like HEY....WHAT?! Cause usually they'd be $40-something!! So what was up with that other pharmacist? Did she just not wanna bother checking? I'm not mad at her but Jesus lady! That's a LOT of money I could've been saving all this time!

Also while out I went to some different stores to check out their Halloween decorations but nothing caught my eye. I was thinking of going trick-or-treating this year for the lulz; I mean I'm pretty short so I could pass off as a kid, right? I guess I just kinda miss going out and dressing up... and free candy!

I went to an adult Halloween party a few years back but it wasn't really fun because I don't like drinking. Like, guys can't we play, I dunno, beanbag toss or something? Maybe I'm just not a party person.

Regardless of what I'm gonna do on Halloween night, I'm looking forward to October. My favorite character designer is planning to make Halloween themed adopts so I might snag one if any catch my eye! I already have several ocs designed by him: Etoile, Mori and Castel! He makes such CUTE boy characters, it's insane! I also can't wait to watch the Spongebob Halloween episodes. I know I can watch them at any time, but it's more special catching them on TV you know?

To wrap this up, I'm finally drawing again after not being able to for the last few days (I ran out of my ADHD pills and can't really focus on drawing without them) and I'm kinda rusty. I think I'm gonna work on my art site a little more in between doing some warm-up drawings...