Boingo Blogging

Since this semester in SUPER light on homework, I have a lot of free time, for better or for worse. I've been playing Goatlings a lot since the Halloween event is coming up. I usually end up forgetting to sign up for the event, but the prizes you get from it go for HUGE (virtual) money since they're retired afterwards so I wanted to make sure I get to play this year. If you play Neopets or any other pet site you'll understand!

So, while I play Goatlings and farm virtual currency, I've been listening to Oingo Boingo which is one of my favorite bands. Specifcally I've been listening to Dark at the End of the Tunnel and Good for Your Soul.

I have a really sweet friend who I haven't talked to in a while who is a super Oingo Boingo fan and introduced me to them pretty much, and we watched basically everything that was scored by Danny Elfman or featured him in it. That's how I ended up finally watching Ghostbusters 1 & 2, Tim Burton's Batman and Forbidden Zone, which is an older musical directed by Danny Elfman's brother Richard (Danny plays Satan in it). It was a lot of fun! I still have this old as balls pic I made after we watched it, and she convinced me to post it to a Boingo fan group on Facebook (she's the one with the ponytail & I'm the one with the emo hair lol).

Anyway... on Twitter and a little on Tumblr there's a decently sized fanbase for this band consisting of mostly mid-teens to people in their early 20's, which I mean, is fine. I don't really interact with fandoms and they don't have a bad reputation so it's whatever. But every now and then I see a tweet talking about how wacky and zany Oingo Boingo sounds... and I don't get it? Not in a "I don't know what jokes are so I'm taking this seriously" way but I've never heard any song of theirs that sounds like goofy carnival music or like the vid in this tweet.

Their first album Only a Lad probably has their "goofiest" sounding music, but most of everything after that sounds a lot more mellowed out, and a lot of the time has some pretty emotional lyrics (to me at least... I'm a sensitive person ok!). Now DEVO on the other hand... that has a lot of really goofy songs, or Insane Clown Posse (I mean they're literally CLOWNS!), but not really Oingo Boingo. Just something I noticed recently...

The moral of this post: Listen to Oingo Boingo!