T-Spin to Win

Today's been pretty harsh on me for interpersonal reasons, so I'm just trying to take my mind off it and play Tetris. I want to clear 150 lines under 7 minutes so I can get an achievement, but it's pretty hard; the closest I've gotten was 7:00.30. That was with a lot of misdrops though so I think if I focus on dropping my pieces more accurately I think I can nail it. I keep pausing writing this to keep playing but my hands are starting to hurt lol...

I don't know why I like Tetris so much, I think it's because it's really simple but takes a lot of time to master. I'm nowhere near championship levels, but those guys play the NES version and I play Tetris 99. Sure would be neat to compete in one of those... maybe some day. *thinking emoji*

Speaking of 99 though, I bought the DLC that unlocks marathon mode and CPU battles a few days ago when I was in a real bad funk. You know that feeling, where you have no motivation for anything and can't bring yourself to do things you normally like, well it turns out I can play Tetris just fine during that since it's 1. so good at distracting me and 2. extremely easy to pick up compared to like, drawing or something. It's $10 which is way too much for what it unlocks but I had discount coins saved up on my Nintendo account so it was only $5 which is a lot more reasonable.

Anyways, I also have Puyo Puyo Tetris 1 & 2, but I really dislike playing puyo lol. I just was never able to get an idea of how to properly stack stuff. The characters in the game are cute though, I really like Ocean Prince and I'm super glad he's playable in the second game. Since the game has been out for a long time I wonder if there's an official Tetris game that has characters like that? I know there are Tetris story games on Steam but those aren't official and a baffling amount of them are NSFW. The ultimate goal of Tetris is to get really good at it and have fun, not to see cartoon boobs you WEIRDOS!

I've taken a while to type this out, ultimately I just needed somewhere where I could talk mindlessly about something positive. I ended up talking with some really close friends of mine though about different stuff so now I'm doing a lot better than I was when I first started writing this blog post.