Check In

Jesus, this is the first time in a long long time where I've been going through art block that's lasted more than a few days. It's that kind of block where you're just too unmotivated and lifeless-feeling to produce anything up to standard. All I can do is draw little doodles, but even that's hard. It's so miserable, but to be fair I know it's caused by how dogshit I've been feeling recently (due to that aforementioned interpersonal issue...) so I guess just like every other time I've had art block I just have to wait for it to pass. Wish it would hurry up though damn it!!!

Lately I've just been doing what I have to do, you know. Homework, mostly. Taking stuff one thing at a time, that's really all you can do. I did start watching a playthrough of Silent Hill 4 though which I'm enjoying, I like the lore of this game (the guy I'm watching gives really in depth commentary about it) and it makes me want to watch playthroughs of the other games. I can't play scary games myself cuz I'm too much of a chicken, but I'll gladly watch a 15 hour long playthrough of one.

I know the very basic plots of the other Silent Hill games but I think it'd be fun to get more into them, I might watch SH2 next since everyone really likes that one. If I was a Silent Hill protag idk if I'd make it that far; the second I see some symbolic dream monster bullshit I might just pass out and hit my head on a rock and die before I ever found my dead wife or whatever the hell.

The only problem with getting into a series like this is that I can't really make fanart of it. Like to put it bluntly I just can't draw regular guys and haven't found a way to translate that into my style in a way that I like. It sucks especially when I like some of the guy characters (Henry is cute ok I'll say it I don't care!!) but I'm having fun with the series anyways. And I can look at fanart other people have made which is like, almost as good. I just spend a few seconds in the SH4 tag on Tumblr and I already saw a pic of Henry as a cat boy which just proves my point. I did see a lot of Henry x Walter though so... it's like opening Pandora's box almost...