Santa's Lil Helper

PHEW!! Do I got a blog entry for YOU! I've actually been pretty busy these past couple days with all kinds of stuff. Lemme lay it all out in mostly chronological order.

First I watched three movies: The Invisible Man (1933), The Fly (1986) and Se7en. The Invisible Man was good, if a bit silly. I wasn't expecting much since it was from 1933 though. It was crazy how they pulled off all those effects! I liked the romance he had with Flora even if it was so brief, idk I thought it was cute how even though he's crazy he still loves his fiance. I'm a sucker for that kind of stuff.

The Fly was GROSS but other than that it was alright, I wouldn't watch it again. I don't have much else to say about it really.

Finally... Se7en was SOOO GOOD! Gee aren't I eloquent? But anyways, I liked how the whole movie was laid out, especially the moment where they go to the room where the sloth victim is being held and one of the detectives leans in to see if he's dead and the victim gasps for air and scares the shit out of the detective. I heard that part was unscripted which is really funny. Also it was a good decision not to show what was in the box at the end, though I did like to goof around over that part. What if there was a little paper hat in there?

Oh I also started watching Twin Peaks and it's pretty good, but is sorta losing me a few episodes into the second season. But I've never been one for TV shows anyways, you know?

Okay for the big exciting part: I got.....a JOB!!!!!!!!!!! I'm going to be a seasonal worker and will have to wear an elf hat. I thought it was funny how I applied to a dozen different places and this is the one that called back - maybe it's because I finally made a resume for my applications? I don't know, but I'm not complaining whatsoever. I just hope I get Fridays off since I don't wanna miss DnD night lol.

Today I had to go in to take a mouth swab drug test and after it tested positive for AMPHETAMINES! I told my manager that I take Adderall for my ADHD and I could give him my doctor's number to confirm it, and I must've looked really freaked out (and honestly I was cuz I don't take any non prescription drugs, I don't even drink alcohol) because he was like "It's okay, I believe you there's no need to worry! You'll just need to schedule another test later" so later this week I gotta go to a whole separate facility. Whoever told me adulthood is 80% Waiting was so right. Waiting for my appt, waiting for my job to start, waiting for this bleach to come out of my hair -- Oh shit. I never even mentioned that.

I fucked up dying my hair a week ago. I wanted to go blonde for shits and giggles, cuz I always wanted to be blonde and really I had nothin' going on so why not? So I bought a platinum hair dye kit that guaranteed to lighten dark hair and got to work. And well, I mean the box was right. It did technically lighten my hair. But only MY ROOTS!!!! SO I LOOK LIKE A CHOCOBANANA POPSICLE!

BUT. It's fine, like I was annoyed that it didn't work but it's just hair, you know? It'll go back to normal after a while so there's no need to worry. And then literally a day after that I got a call asking me to come in for an interview... life is all just one cruel, cruel sitcom.