Jingle Jangle

First off I wanted to say thanks to everyone who leaves comments in my guestbook, I appreciate all of them and it makes me happy people take the time to write me a little message! Anyways onto the rest of the bullshit.

Today the yearly Spotify Wrapped came out which is when Spotify shows you how much music you listened to and who your top artists were. Usually I listen to music on YouTube instead because they have some songs that aren't on Spotify (usually Velvet Eden, unreleased Oingo Boingo tracks, DEVO's whole Total DEVO album, etc) but I use it enough so that the results are always fun to look at.

Like yeah... that's what I expected really! I listened to my OC Cordelia's playlist a lot which is mostly psych pop / rock lol. I was also in the top 0.05% of Strawberry Alarm Clock listeners this year which is really funny but also not surprising, I'm kinda happy since they're one of my fave bands ever.

Also you might've noticed Cordie's name has a link in it... that's cuz I moved all the DND shit to my art website and I'm proud of myself for that! I used to use the fandom wikia to keep track of basic info of the player characters & NPCs because if their templates but it's a fucking nightmare to customize so I was like screw it, I'll make it myself. I even drew icons for all the characters! Well most of them anyways, the ones I didn't do anything for are really minor NPCs that there isn't a lot of information on. It's nice being able to do stuff like this so I can have all my shit in one place.

Anyways to cap this off today I did a bunch of shit... helped out my grandma put up Christmas decorations and hit up a Goodwill (well it wasn't Goodwill specifically but I just use that as an umbrella term for all charity shops) and got some old computer games. There weren't many but I picked out SimFarm, a 4 in 1 pinball game, Mall Tycoon 2 Deluxe and one of those shady 1001 Games CDs. The pinball one only worked on DOS, and I didn't want to struggle with DOSBOX again for a friggin pinball game so I put it back.
My dad told me to check the inside of the cases to make sure the CD was in there and when I checked Mall Tycoon the CD was GONE? Who the hell knicked the fucking CD, it's only 25 cents!! Or did someone just donate the jewel case? Either way I was pissed! So I just have SimFarm and 1001 Games... but that's only disk 2 so it's probably only like 500.5 games. I'll be using the family desktop computer since my laptop doesn't have a disk drive but that's alright, I just hope they work!

That's about it, December is here and I'm gonna try to get into the Christmas spirit as much as I can. Deck the halls and all that!