Going Forward

Oh my god my stupid hit counter on the front page of my blog broke!!! I'm so mad because no other hit counter site has one that's as cute as the one I had. I'll probably figure something out later...

Anyways, I've been thinking about stuff, like my characters and how they relate to me, how they're basically just little facets of myself. The campaign that I played Cordelia in just ended recently and the DM gave her such a beautiful ending, it really got to me because through playing that character I learned a lot of stuff. She's very optimistic and had to face a lot of hardships that she'd never experienced before, and I love portraying that kind of stuff as realistically as I can so I spent so much time wondering how exactly she would react and feel... it really gave me a deep connection with her! I hope I get to play her again some time soon because I think she's one of my favorite OCs I've ever had.

I also have been thinking about what I want to do after college since the semester just ended not too long ago. As much as I'd like to do something related to marine or aquatic biology I just don't think that's realistic for where I currently live, so I thought I could do something related to agriculture. I don't know what exactly but I feel a little more secure in my future now. Not a LOT more but definitely more than I felt before. Btw I still can never spell definitely right on the first try, I have no idea why. If you ever see a typo in one of my blog posts well... ignore it damn it!

This entry is a lot shorter than normal because I was originally going to wax poetic about my character Vera who's based on the more negative aspects of myself and my connection to "gross" things online like shock sites and blowfly girl, but I cut all of that out because maybe I should keep the finer details of that a secret forever. It's its own can of worms that's better fit for like, a therapist or something.

Anyways I think I might watch Wizard of Oz tonight... a little treat.