First post of the new year! I would've written one sooner but... well. Y'know. *Vague hand gesture*

I just got finished with a huge commission, it was 4 seperate full body pieces! Probably isn't too impressive but for me it was a lot and I'm happy with how they came out! No spoilers on the details though cuz IDK if the people who it was for read my blog... I mean they probably don't LOL but what if? I'm just waiting on feedback for the final pic but after that I'm back to just drawing whatever. And by whatever I mean nothing really of interest :P

OH BTW! SPEAKING OF ART! I finally made a new button for my website cuz the old one was kinda boring. But I put my bunny self on this one so it has more swag.

I've also been watching the FUCK out of Phantom of the Opera. I've seen the original 1925 movie, the 2011 play, and the 2004 movie. Also the Phantom of the Paradise but that one doesn't really count (I thought it was alright, I wouldn't mind watching it again if friends wanted to but probably not on my own). My favorite I think is the 2004 movie, something about the ending really got to me. I was a big puddle of tears (when am I not though?) and the ending shot of the rose on Christine's grave....GEEZ! Beautiful movie beautiful music!! I friggin love musicals!!

It made me think a lot more about my Dhampir lady Violetta, who is a chronically shy librarian that wants to sing opera (this is what I imagine she sounds like! But the beginning part of Think of Me when Christine's voice is a little shakey is very Violetta-coded too). I made her a few months back & named her after the main character in La traviata, but it wasn't until somewhat recently that I've done serious work on her personality. I even keep a Google doc with little fun facts n shit that I update frequently.

I think she's very much a wallflower and constantly battles with self doubt, she's a little too wrapped up in her fantasies of being this mega starlet prima donna when in reality she can barely look people in the eye. Also she loves keeping fucked up little embalmed specimens in preservation jars.

Anyways there's my little update for you... I think I'mma watch the 1943 movie next.