I don't talk about it much, but for a while now I've been really interested in learning about gambling addictions and the shady tactics used to keep players (whether it be in a casino or in a video game) spending more and more money. "Whaling" in video games is what specifically piques my interest the most, since I mostly play mobile games nowadays. But when I look up articles and things like that about these whales (who are people that spend hundreds to thousands of dollars a month on microtransaction) you see a lot of interviews with people who can very obviously afford this habit... but very rarely any with the people who destroy their lives cuz they want to get their anime waifu.

Like, I've spent money on a mobile game before (Cookie Run Ovenbreak & Kingdom... maybe like ~$40? And I've been playing those games for a combined total of like 5 years now) so I get it, you know? That being said even in a game I consider good it still kinda shoves irl-currency packages of level-up materials or some special buildings in your face, so I can only imagine what it's like in worse games.

SIKE! I don't gotta imagine cuz I've PLAYED those games! Whenever a new cute gacha comes around I usually download it to try it out, and I've played a fair amount. Obey Me, Twisted Wonderland, A3, FGO,... etc etc. Luckily I'm a real tightass so I'm not easily swayed by in-game purchases but I can definetly see how games like that attract whales. You really gotta grind for the premium currency and certain character cards only have a rate up for a certain amount of time, and you REALLY want that character... I think that's called "fear of missing out"? Also on that topic rate ups are a total LIE and why I don't stick with card-based games for very long.

I'm still looking more into whaling on primarily single-player games because that's still something I can't entirely wrap my head around. What's the point? I know these people wanna get their favorite character, but why are they so compelled to do it to the point of shelling out mega $$$? Much to think about...