Well I finally got a new computer! I bought a whole desktop this time since I'm so tired of struggling with laptops... it's awesome, I'm really happy with it. I especially like how it has a matte screen! That always pissed me off with my laptop, I hated seeing my reflection lol... peep the pink keyboard + mouse btw! Easily one of my fave parts. The keyboard makes nice clackity sounds, the only downside is that the keys are so huge and chunky that sometimes I might press a wrong button. Not really a problem though, I just gotta be extra on the lookout for typos.

So yeah! I'm very satisfied. Even if I did kinda spend a good chunk of my bank account on it... but you know, it's quality & what was I saving all that money for if not for situations like this? Still though, I've been hussling commissions on Toyhou.se to make up some of it.

Speaking of saving money, I've decided I'm just done with keeping fish. I'm not good at it, and at this point I'm wasting money in a desperate attempt to convince myself that I'm not a complete dumbass. Not being self deprecating btw (at least I don't think I am), I just gotta accept that although I love fish, I don't have the knowledge required to take care of them as well as they deserve. I might give away my decorations to a family friend since they're still good, and maybe refurbish the tank into a little house for a hamster or something.

I know that's kinda scary, like OMG Alexis you can't take care of fish how can you care for a hamster?! Well I figure it's easier to understand what a hamster is feeling than a fish. You don't gotta constantly worry about ammonia or nitrates or pH or any of that bullshit. Fuck! I hated that all so much. Plus you can actually interact with a hamster and watch it run around. Not to say you can't watch a fish swim around but hamsters just, you know. Do more than fish.

Not much of an update I know... every week is soooo blah. School is ok, but my classes are SO HARD. I kinda dread whenever I have to sleep because I know when I wake up I'll have to do this all over again. That's kinda depressing now that I think about it, but what can you do other than grin & bear it? Not a rhetorical question btw; if there's anything else I can do, LET ME KNOW!!!