OKAY making another post today because I have some things to say about the 1997 animated movie Anastasia. I had heard a lot about this movie, how it's one of the best princess films of all time and that Anastasia herself is better than any Disney princess. Like okay, I hate (modern day) Disney but you can't just throw statements like that around carelessly! You're telling me she's better than Snow White AND Belle...? This movie better blow my dick clean off is all I'm saying. And well, it blew something alright.

Let me start off with what I liked though, because the movie was overall... FINE. It wasn't terrible. The animation was fluid and pretty, and the songs were nice. I also liked Anastasia's personality, very sassy and cute though I thought it'd be better if she had an accent seeing as she's Russian, but whatever. The villain Rasputin was also so cool! I love that he was constantly falling apart and his death scene was pretty brutal for a kid's movie, his flesh melted off and his skeleton wriggled around before crumbling into dust. Creepy! However that's where my praises for the movie end and the criticisms begin.

First off, the subject matter: the Romanov family were VERY REAL people who were executed about 80 years before this movie was made, so I'm sure you can understand why I feel making a princess movie about this feels a little tasteless... but that's a whole can of worms that I'm not necessarily knowledgable enough about to go into further.

Speaking of real people though, as I mentioned earlier Rasputin is the villain in this, and he curses the (fictional) Romanovs within the first like, 5 - 10 minutes of the movie... then he dies. It all happens so fast, you barely have any time to understand WHY he's cursing them (apparently he was exiled?) and what that even means. I'm still confused as to what cursing them did, like is that what gave Anastasia amnesia? I don't know.
It doesn't matter though, because he's literally inconsequential to the plot. You could take him out, and nothing would change. He's not given enough screen time to feel like a threat, and yeah he does almost make Anastasia sleep-walk off a boat, but that's the only time his powers are really shown. Otherwise we just get a sub-par villain song and one or two shots of him brooding in purgatory before the final battle. Which is a shame, because I feel like a lot more could've been done with him.

The songs are alright, not memorable whatsoever but they're pleasant enough to listen to, which I guess could be said about the movie as a whole. Very basic plot, run of the mill action scenes and uninteresting characters but if I had to watch it while babysitting then I wouldn't complain. Of course I'd rather put on literally any other princess movie but, again, if I HAD to watch it... fine, sure. Oh and IDK where else this complaint would fit but the CGI sucked utter ass. It looked soooo UGLY.

Now let's get to the part I disliked the most: THE DUMB ANIMAL SIDEKICKS... sometimes they can be fine, but the ones in this movie were way too much. The little puppy that Anastasia finds in the beginning of the movie was cute but it felt like... you know when something is blatantly put into a piece of media to sell toys? That's what it felt like. At least the dog didn't detract anything from the story unlike Rasputin's little bat... In every Rasputin scene, which is supposed to feel threatening and scary, the bat is making dumb goofy jokes with an awful accent which sounded more like he was from Minnesota rather than Russia. And that's not to say villains can't have animal sidekicks, like Maleficent has a crow and Ursula has those two eels but they ADD to the villain's scenes unlike the bat. It was just an unnecessary addition to an already subpar movie. Plus at the very end scene where everyone's happy he gets a bat gf and you know the other bat is a girl because she's pink and has lil boobies.

Maybe I'm looking too critically at a movie made for kids but like... IDK I feel like if you're gonna make a movie about a real family that was murdered you should handle it with a little more care.