Let's just get this out of the way: I have been doing NOT GOOD!!!!! In the "EVERY DAY IS THE SAME!" spiral especially since Spring break is here and I'm not being kept busy by wanting to tear my hair out over homework. Coupled with the fact I haven't drawn a single "Big" piece of artwork since I got my new computer, yeah I feel like Patrick when he got zapped by King Neptune in "Neptune's Spatula".

So, I've been trying to remedy that by pretending I'm NOT ME! And what better person to pretend to be than a princess... maybe of the Disney variety? Yeah I've been bingewatching Disney movies so what, I'm mainly watching anything pre-2000. My favorite princess movie is Snow White, she's really pretty and nice and her singing voice is unique, Plus the art in that movie is beautiful. Least fave so far is probably Cinderella, but mostly because the movie focused TOO MUCH on those damn mice and cat. Like I'm watching this for the princess, not her mice... anyways, I still need to watch Beauty and the Beast cuz I've never seen it before, I'll probably do that tonight.

Other than that I've been playing a shit ton of Minecraft with my friends and have been working on a texture pack with one of them, it's lots of fun because my friend is super good at pixel art and I'm good at... well coming up with stupid ideas so it's like perfect. I like following little building tutorials on YouTube, recently I made a little fairy pond behind my house and it's super cute.

I wanna build more stuff, like a wizard tower or a lighthouse, stuff like that... but it'll take a while! Guess I'll just have to spend the rest of my Spring break listening to Disney princess soundtracks and playing this block game... (says that in a way that sounds like I dislike it when really it's the opposite)