Couldn't think of a better title... sorry lol. So little update, I am sucking SHIT at my oceanography class. I got a 40% on a test and it brought down my grade my 95% to 64%. FUCK. I'm going to try extra hard to do better but guys... I won't lie, I'm nervous! I don't want to fail, you know? I'd be so embarrassed...

Anyways lets see what I've been up to... not much as usual, I'm waiting for my copies of Frankenstein and Dr. Jeckyll and Mr. Hyde to come in. I bought them off of Ebay after watching the original Frankenstein movie and according to the shipping thing they'll be here around the 29th. I'm excited, I haven't read a serious book in what feels like forever. I asked my really cool friend who's awesome at writing how to get better and he basically said to read more, so that's what I'm doing. He also said that it's tricky not to write the way you talk, which is how I write my blog entries. Very flighty with a bunch of different trains of thought. I've written actual stuff before (fanfiction...) but I'd like to write some things with my OCs and actually feel confident enough to share them. I guess writing is like drawing in the way that the only way to get better is to keep practicing.

Then today I went to the pharmacy to pick up my perscription and got some Nerds ropes, buy 3 get 1 free, a steal! They're so tasty. I also bought some marshmallow peeps (pink bunnies) and an orange soda. You know whenever I go to the store I look for plain Skinny Pop popcorn and they NEVER have it. It's like crack to me even if it tastes like nothing. It's like I'm eating air. And you know I love sweets (in moderation) but sometimes I wanna chow down on some STYROFOAM! Maybe that's just me, I dunno. I've lost a lot of weight recently so I don't feel too bad indulging in a little candy. I mean it's almost Easter, I gotta stockpile as many Peeps as I can!

Last thing, my dad bought peach whisky while at the store and I tried some. NEVER AGAIN. YUCK!