Friday is here which means another DnD session....FINALLY! We've been on hiatus for a few weeks due to scheduling stuff but earlier the DM for our Valenwood campaign (the one with Cordie which ended a while ago) asked if we were down to do a one shot and ofc everyone said yes! I'm sooo excited to play Cordie again I missed her lol. This is canonically like a few months since the ending I think? And I wanted to draw her a new outfit but whenever I try to draw I lose all motivation... but maybe today will be diff and I can bang it out before the sesh.

But so far things aren't looking too hot for me. I was really hungry so I was like ok, I'll make breakfast for once! And I set out to fry an egg.

Fuck. Well that's alright, shit happens. No egg this morning then, why don't I do something with that almost-expired crescent roll dough in the fridge? It shouldn't be too hard. So then I had my mind set on making cinnamon rolls which was easy, I made the cinnamon butter, popped some paper on the baking sheet and threw that bad boy in the oven.

All was fine and dandy till I saw the oven start smoking. I was like... uhm... is it supposed to do that? Is it cause I used cinnamon? Side note, my mom never taught me how to cook if that wasn't obvious. She really didn't teach me how to do anything but that's a story for another day. Well I pulled out my phone and googled if it was normal and landed on an article called "TOP 5 WAYS YOUR OVEN MIGHT CATCH ON FIRE".

None really applied to me; the oven was clean, it wasn't new (1970s baby!)... wait a minute. "Using wax paper instead of parchment paper" did I...?

Oh god.

I quickly turned off the oven and took out the tray, realizing yeah I kinda fucked up. At least the kitchen smelled good.

So yeah I guess I'll skip breakfast today then. Hopefully today's session goes well at least.