This happened earlier (like around 3 PM on the 4th), but I just thought now that I ought to write about it.

Well, remember how in a previous post I was talking about how I was going to have to take an oceanography test soon? That was today (Okay, yesterday but WHATEVER) and I had made sure I studied really hard so that the information would be fresh in my mind.
From the moment I woke up I went over my notes and all the chapters (the test was on chapters 9 - 16) making sure I fully understood the stuff on the study guide before taking the test. After about 4 or 5-ish hours, I felt confident! I'm not much of a studier, but I tried really hard and didn't get distracted at all. So then I took a deep breath and opened up the test...

Well, it went okay at first. But then I got hit with shit that wasn't in the study guide, and in fact was very niche information only in the textbook. I knew the answer, but I didn't have high hopes for the rest of the test. Next question was like this (paraphrased because I can't remember it all lol):

"53% of the 3.4 million tonnes oil in the ocean is directly from humans. 72% of that is from discharges from cars and boats, 23% is from transportation spills, and 5% is from extraction. How many thousands of tonnes of oil is from discharges?"

As I type this, I have no doubt that I got the answer wrong, because I now understand what I have to do to solve it. But in the moment I was in a sheer panic because 1. there was a time limit for the quiz (it was 40 min in total for 31 questions), 2. I'm really bad at math, and 3. NOWHERE did the professor indicate there would be math in this quiz.

I was doing... okay? Hopefully better than last time, but I was super stressed and when that happens I get really emotional. I was on question 26, 10 minutes left, almost done... and then the fucking power went out. My computer shut off.

I'm not ashamed to admit I lost it, full on head-in-hands sobbing. I'm a really sensitive person, so what!
"Alexis it's not a big deal! If you explain what happened the professor will let you retake it!" TRUE! But I wasn't thinking rationally; honestly it's a hard thing to do when you're overwhelmed and crying your eyes out.

Luckily though the power turned back on a little bit later, and I logged back on to resume the test, all the while sniffling a little and having all my Big Girl Emotions come back to me so I could finish this stupid thing.

Good news: the test saved my progress! Bad news: it ate away at my time, so I only had 4 minutes left. For 5 questions... yeah, that really sucked. But I finished the test and I'm just glad it's over. Of course I won't know my score until a week later for some reason, but I don't really care what I got. I hate this class.

I still have a final test for this class that will open up later this month which is on all 16 chapters but I'm not stressed about it, I've come to terms with the fact there's a good chance I might fail and I just don't care anymore. It'd be the only college class I've failed, but it's not anything required, and I was going to take another semester anyways.
When I told my mom about this she said "Hey on the brightside, compare that to all the classes you failed in high school!" Thanks mom -_-