Tonight I've been thinking that maybe I should actually consider a career in art. Specifically I'd love to work for a children's website like Webkinz or Neopets (not necessarily those sites, just those kinds of games) designing new items, clothing, stuff like that.

My dad asked me somewhat recently why I haven't considered a career in art and I told him that 1., the market is way too saturated at the moment, and 2., I didn't want to turn something I enjoy into a full time job and potentially ruin my enjoyment of it. Which are both true! But recently I've been playing my pet sites and thinking how cool it would be to design stuff (which I like doing!) for games that I love to play. And I can't deny the fact that yeah, I am kinda good at art as much as I beat myself up. So it's worth a shot right?

Right now ToonTown Rewritten has positions open for a concept artist. I played that game a LONG time ago when I was a kid and loved it, and played it a bit a few years ago but unfortunately MMORPGs just can't keep my attention too long. Back when I played it though, I'd posted some art I made to the TTR subreddit and an actual member of the dev team commented saying I should apply as an artist, which sent me over the moon. I sent an e-mail to the team regarding that and they said they'd love to have me but my account on the website at the time hadn't been old enough (it needed to be at least 6 months). That was like 2 years ago though, so maybe now I'd be able to send in an application?

The only bad part is it's a volunteer job, so it doesn't pay. That being said I think it'd be a great opportunity to get experience working on that kind of stuff and also would be good to build my portfolio. Like I said earlier I haven't played in a while but maybe if I apply they can look past that and see that I love to draw funny cartoon pictures.

"But Alexis in your last post you talked about how showing others your art makes you nervous!" This is different I swear! It's sending art on a professional level, like I'm doing a commission. They'll either accept it or give some critique and I'll fix it n send it back. Only difference is I wouldn't get paid for this :P

I'll give it some more thought, but it'd be really cool, don't you think?