Haven't posted in a while. Wanna know why? It's not cuz I'm lazy (Okay well it kinda is but also not). It's cuz I was on... VACATION!!!!!!!!!

Yep, for the past 3 days I was camping in Monterey, soakin up sun rays. Soaking them up a little too well actually since my nose and forehead are sunburnt lol. But aside from all that, I had a lot of fun after a really fucking bummer of a week. Now I'm back home and eating my weight's worth of junk food to make up for all the calories I burnt while walking around.

The most notable thing of the trip was when I went to the Monterey Bay Aquarium, aka one of my favorite places on Earth. Even moreso now because of their new deep sea exhibit. One of the first careers I felt somewhat Right about going into was a deep sea biologist but that fell through cuz... anyways. But I've had a love and intense interest for deep sea critters for a really long time so I was super excited to check it out!

And it did NOT disappoint. I saw HAGFISH! MY FAVORITE CRITTERS!!!!!!! And a GIANT ISOPOD AND GUESS WHAT I EVEN GOT TO PET ONE. Oh my god. It was amazing. They're so cute, look at this pic I took:

I got a plush of one too, I named it Faleegwee and he's sooooooo soft. I will probably write more about my vacation adventure in another blog entry but I just wanted to give a quick update for now!