Probably going to be a short entry today, I'm very tired... but what else is new! I've barely been getting any sleep lately, like my sleep schedule is usually pretty Bad but it's been worse than usual. Partly because it's been so HOT lately... California ain't exactly the coldest state this time of year. Hopefully tonight I'll be able to get some well-needed shuteye.

My birthday was fine, nothing exciting. Another year, yippee. My cousin did take me out to dinner tonight though! We went to a seafood place and I ate a bunch of shrimp and crab :) I never knew seafood could be so MESSY though? And that crab is so hard to eat... breaking open the shell was a pain in the ass lol, so I definitely had more shrimp than crab.

One cool thing about the place we went to was that it had a ROBOT WAITER!! It was BellaBot, and it's SOOO CUTE!!! It has a kitty face like OwO, and even little cat ears. I love cute robots, and I never understood when people freak out over a "robot revolution", like listen buddy. If the cute kitty bot decides to be the one in charge, then who am I to question it? I think more places ought to have robo workers, as long as they have lil cartoony faces. Our BellaBot had a differen't voice than the one in this video though, ours was more high pitched and adorbs (idk how else to describe it!)

Like I said, sorry this post is so short T_T maybe when I'm less tired I'll write something more interesting...