BLOG POST TIME! I neglected it for a while but I'M BACK with energy this time! And for those who read my last post (and I know this blog is read by millions world wide of course), I ended up taking criminal justice, an anthropology lab, ethical reasoning and I'm on the waitlist for 2D design and color (I really want to get in that one!!). But anyways onto the actual post.

So A friend of mine told me DnD 5.5e is in the works which is neat, and I saw a PDF of stuff they're working on. I would tell you about stuff they changed, but honestly it would be like a game of telephone and you're more likely to get accurate info by looking it up yourself. I'm not saying "STFU lazyass go Google it!" but more like "I only semi-remember what my friend said so I don't want to give you inaccurate information" lol. But what I was super interested in is the new races.
You can be a slime critter (Plasmoid) and an Ardling, which is like an angel with an animal head. I think that's the closest thing I'm gonna get to an official unicorn race so fine, I'll take it!

I was initially thinking of a Lady of the Lake type character, but then I thought about the painting "Truth Coming Out of Her Well"... and I saw the same artist drew the lady Truth dead at the bottom of the well, and you know how I like pretty things juxtaposed with grim subjects so I want to incorperate something like that into the character too.

I'm kinda rambling on now but I'm excited to develop a new character! Nowadays it feels kinda rare for me to have good, solid ideas of new OCs so I think I'll be spending the rest of today thinking about her ^_^