So... for the majority of this month I've been doing fuckall pretty much, right? Same shit different day. But a couple days ago, I was thinking about how cool the Fallout ghouls were. I really liked the first two Fallout games, but haven't played the 3D ones because FPS + open world stuff just isn't for me. I asked my friends though, "Hey, should I play Fallout New Vegas?" they said yes of course so I bought it + the DLC off Steam (I usually never buy games but I had previously pirated some games and they were really glitchy so I figured that I'd go legit this time).

It's been downhill ever since.

I play it EVERY DAY! It's SO FUN!! I thought I wouldn't like it but I've sunk almost 50 hours into it so far. I'm not done yet and probably won't be for a while, but it's been soooo long that I've been totally sucked into a game like this so I'm really happy.

The story is super cool. I like that there are so many different ways to play, like they really put the RP in RPG. Usually with characters you can customize, the story doesn't feel as immersive as it should but I don't feel that at all in this game. It really highlights what I loved about Fallout 1: the fact that there are a ton of different unique ways to handle a situation. And as someone who's terrified of fighting enemies, if I can avoid that by being nice then GOOD!

Speaking of being terrified though... god. The game hasn't gone into metaphorical-pants-shitting territory but it's been close. I tried playing the Old World Blues DLC at level 22 but it's REALLY CREEPY and also kinda hard. Lots of dark corridors and very unsettling concepts (Dying inside a trauma harness and having it still walk around with your corpse inside...eek!) The setting is cool and the doctors have such badass designs but I don't think I can finish it right now, luckily I have a save from before I started the DLC so I'll just reload that next time I play. Maybe I'll come back to it later.

I think that's all I'll write for now, when I finish the game I'll make another post. Oh but one more thing, I've gotten all the companions and my favorite is ED-D, he never leaves my side. He and Boone are my go-to companions because their abilities let you spot enemies a lot better, plus their attacks are both pretty strong. But I also like Boone because he's a hardass. Like I get your wife died but sheesh lighten up a little! Come with me to Vegas!! Help me kill some more people!