Okay. Well I said I'll post an update when I finished New Vegas, and...

Such an excellent story with tasty delicious themes of past vs future, greed, and the immense impact one person can have on the lives of others. Not to mention the GRAY MORALITY!!!!! And the villains are so well written and interesting. Meeting Mr. House for the first time, then comparing that to how you see him Later... there's just no way I can describe it. I've never been so enthralled by a video game's story.

Gameplay-wise... well, looking past the frequent crashing, it was pretty good in the base game. Combat never got tiring and exploring felt so natural. Some of the quests were a little tedious and frustrating but I can look past that, especially because most of it boiled down to me getting confused about where the hell I was and not utilizing the map enough lol.

The DLCs though, so this is where I'm torn. Their stories are some of my favorites, Joshua and Ulysses are such interesting and complex characters, and the entire history of the Sierra Madre is just so incredibly tragic with an ending that makes me go crazy when I think about it too much.

But the gameplay in all of them besides Honest Hearts is just not for me, though I can appreciate the challenges they bring to the table. At first I disliked Dead Money, because navigating the outer levels was such a pain in the ass due to every location looking almost the same. Inside the hotel was much better, even though I hated the "gauntlet" at the end. But after reviewing the story, I could look past all the jank and really appreciated the DLC.

Honestly, I didn't even bother with Lonesome Road. I will admit, I'm BAD at video games. I tried to play it legit, I swear, but those fucking tunnelers!!! I despise them. I just did the DLC with godmode on so I could appreciate the story instead of having to suffer. Yeah yeah, I get that's kinda missing the point of the whole thing, but IDGAF!!

"Alexis," I can hear some of you say, "aren't you forgetting Old World Blues?" ... No, I'm just ignoring it, because I hated it. It had the potential to be good, something something losing your humanity, something something when does science go too far. But it just, never seemed to address anything? I get that it was the comedy relief DLC, but it was just TOO much for me. (Also the atmosphere was really terrifying to me for some reason, scarier than Dead Money).

So, yeah, I guess you could say I think New Vegas is a good game. And I may or may not be doing another playthrough as a ghoul right now... consider yourself lucky I didn't make this whole entry about how neat I think ghouls are. :P