Last night I had a dream that someone called me "he" instead of she and I didn't care. And when I woke up I couldn't stop thinking about that. Like, it didn't feel good or bad, it was just normal. Like how it feels when someone calls me "she", I don't give it a second thought. And I thought... why? And all the stuff I read about gender being a social construct suddenly clicked. But that made me feel worse, because... what am I!

So I started reading about women with similar thoughts, one article I read in particular stood out. This nonbinary person said "I always forced myself to think like a woman [...] people should look outside the gender binary, there are 53 genders to choose from!" Why do I have to choose a gender? Why do I have to confine myself into a little box? What does it mean to HAVE a gender, to think like a woman? Isn't thought like this just furthering sexist stereotypes? To think like a woman, should I focus on cooking and cleaning? I genuinely do not understand it.

My thoughts are my own, not of that of a "woman". But that doesn't make me a man or nonbinary, I'm a female! But how am I female? Well, that's my sex. Liking or doing non-traditionally feminine things doesn't make me less biologically female. I think in a perfect world gender wouldn't exist, everyone regardless of sex could do whatever they liked without being shamed for it.

Things feel a lot clearer for me now, but man they really weren't kidding. Ignorance is bliss!