Well I finished the main quest of Fallout 3 yesterday. I won't go into how I feel about it right now because I'm tired of yelling with my friends about how fucking stupid I thought it all was, but I'm committed to finishing all the DLC & finding the bobbleheads just to say I gave this game a proper go. Maybe I will make a separate post about my thoughts some other time, but for now I wanted to talk about... something I liked!

I have the Broken Steel DLC installed, which as you know changes the ending of the main quest to be not so aggravating. I had Fawkes with me because I love him and think he's cool, plus he's strong and nice to me (a rarity in this game, seriously why is everyone so RUDE to you?!!).

Throughout the game I didn't like how dismissive my father was, and the way I roleplayed my character was she didn't think it was fair to be saddled with handling Project Purity just because she's his daughter. He never mentioned this project beforehand afaik, and straight up abandoned her... then had the absolute GALL to be upset when she left the vault despite the overseer trying to kill her! Plus, she's 19, there's much more qualified scientists who worked with him who actually know they know what they're doing!!

Basically, my character didn't respect her father and thought he was a selfish coward hiding under the guise of being a savior to the wasteland, chasing after a project that would've failed had she not even gotten involved and saved him from this mad doctor who had him trapped in a simulation. So when it came time to "sacrifice" herself to the water purifier, of course she rejects that, why be a martyr for a cause she was forced into? She asks Fawkes to do it, since he's immune to radiation, and he says:

"I would say that your destiny lies within that chamber, but you have already altered mine. The least I can do is return the favor."

I loved that. LOVED IT!!!! Yes, my destiny is not set in stone! Finally, this fucking game gave me a decision that actually felt rewarding, and let me roleplay how I want with it being so satisfying!! And it's awesome because Fawkes is a really great character too, his whole thing is basically "rejecting 'destiny'" with him refusing to become a mindless super mutant and educating himself and wanting to be good instead of evil so it makes perfect sense for him to say something like that.

But... yeah, typing this out makes me realize how much I miss the writing in New Vegas and Fallout 1. Also semi related, I can't help but notice like, the religious themes in this game that go nowhere. The Revelations bible quote, getting the book Paradise Lost in a place called the Underworld which is vaguely based on Dante's Inferno and the fact there's a place called Paradise Falls (like that can't be a coincidence, right?), President Eden and the Oasis... I really don't know why I'm trying to extract a deeper meaning from this game when these likely are all just very surface level references but hey, let me dream ok?