Well 2022 is coming to an end... the last few years have just flown by, but I guess that's just what getting older feels like. Regardless I welcome the new year with open arms... maybe it'll be a dumpster fire, maybe it'll be my best year ever or maybe it will be just like the last 5 years: very painfully average! To end this year on a positive note though I've decided to make a post about good stuff that happened to me this year.

For starters I've been hanging out more with a particular friend of mine who's not only really talented and funny but also incredibly kind-hearted... he always cheers me up when I'm down, plus I admire how much of a hard worker he is. I think this year would've been the absolute pits if it weren't for him.

Next I got to have a long talk about our family with my brother earlier this year. He's technically my half brother and we couldn't look more different from eachother if we tried, but we're the same in nearly every other way! We both have geeky interests, love drawing, struggle with adhd and way more.
A few months ago he told me a bunch of family secrets. I can't relay them here, even though none of them would matter to internet people. It just wouldn't be right! But yeah I appreciated him telling me... I really doubt I would've known otherwise, and it puts a lot of stuff in a new perspective.

Hmmm lastly I've had fun doing ... new things! Listening to new music, playing new games and reading new books and comics, I even tried my hand at using a dip pen (fun teehee) and crocheting (terrible horrible fucking disaster 4 dead 17 injured). Also I did a LOT this year to learn more about art and new drawing techniques. I haven't been drawing as much as I should / as much as I'd like recently, but I think that's alright. I made some really cool pics earlier this year, and you know those old 16th century painters would spent a whole year on one portrait sooo I'm probably doing fine.

I think next year I want to work on how I handle emotions, because sometimes a mildly bad thing happens and it puts me in a funk for the rest of the day. Sometimes it's not even real, just something I imagined! It's not good, and I want to feel more stable.
Oh and I want to buy more beanie babies. A lot more!!