There was an ongoing war between chocolate foxes and marshmallow people. The marshmallow people were more advanced than the foxes but their downside was they had to melt themselves a little in order to eat anything since they weren't strong enough to chew things (they also ate marshmallows but it wasn't cannibalism; it was like humans eating animal meat). Melting themselves would make them toasty and made the marshmallow meat soft enough to swallow & digest. They looked like Alcremie from Pokemon, but all white and a lot more puffy.

Chocolate foxes were clever but also very timid. They looked like chocolate Easter bunnies but they were foxes instead (duh). I remember trying to give one of them water because it was going to die without it. It was super wary of me but it ended up drinking so it survived.

In the next part of my dream (completely unrelated) I was playing a DDLC sequel that had the same characters. It was more like a traditional dating sim except it had quick time events, and you could be killed by all the dokis. I know this because I was killed by Yuri a lot because I kept messing up the quick time event, which would've been fine except I could feel it every time I died and Yuri used needles a lot. You could also gaslight Sayori into thinking she had psychosis until she actually has it... IDK why I dreamed that part because Sayori is my favorite lol.

I posted about that in the group chat and got this as a response: