Somehow I got transported back in time to 1966 with my dad. Everything looked pretty much the same except the colors were more washed out. We were on a sidewalk and behind us was some street performers playing for a small crowd, and my dad saw a buddy of his watching the show (which is weird because it was a guy he knew from the army but my dad was born in '61 so you'd think that he'd be like, a kid... anyways) and they talked for a while.

While they were talking I started looking around for a way back to the present and found myself suddenly in the middle of a closed shopping mall. The only stores I remember are two Beanie Baby stores which I was initially excited about but then I realized I'd left my wallet back in the present. :P

Eventually though I found an entrance to this massive theater which was playing some kind of cartoon gameshow? And my dad was sitting in one of the seats watching it, idk how he got there but I didn't question it and was just glad I wouldn't have to backtrack to the street performers.

So I continued on until I got to this long hallway full of empty cryogenic pods and there was this sleazy-looking guy talking to another person about how if anyone enters one of the pods they'll be frozen until a certain point in the future. I felt really uneasy about that because what if it was a scam, and I didn't wanna risk anything you know I just wanted to go home!

So I was feeling hopeless until the non-sleazy guy noticed me and was like "Hey you must not be from around here huh" and I was like no I'm from 2022! And he looked at me really sadly but promised me a way to get home, here's how I was supposed to do it:

1. Close you're eyes and grab the person you want to go home with

2. Make sure you're standing at least a foot apart ("at least far apart for a pig to walk through the gap without touching either of you" was the exact wording)

3. Beg the goddess of time to listen to you, if she does then glitter and stars will fall out of your mouth

I can't remember the rest because after that I woke up... so maybe my dreamself is forever stuck in 1966... which doesn't sound too bad I guess.