I was at some kind of game store / indoors flea market and was talking to a guy who made some kind of horror RPG that had the same sort of art style as Undertale. He was pretty nice, and I told him that I was looking for a new game to play so I bought his game for $8. He handed me a Gameboy cartridge, and when I left I noticed it was night time. In the back of my head I knew it was somewhere around midnight, so I started to walk home.

On my way back I noticed I was pretty hungry. All the stores were closed though, so I headed to a gas station that was near my house. It took me a bit to find it because it was located inside another, nondescript building and absolutely packed with other people. Once I got there I immediately noticed they were selling "princess" icees that were hot pink and were made with chunks of flavored ice like a snow cone, but still served with a straw.

When I grabbed one and made my way to the checkout counter, my mom burst in and immediately started screaming at me for going out at night, saying it was dangerous for someone like me and that I can't be trusted on my own.