A recurring nightmare I had last night. I slept about 20 hours after I woke up from it and wrote it down.

I'm at my grandma's house and I'm really tired, but there are too many people in the house (to the point that it's hard to move around). I go deeper and deeper down the hallway trying to find somewhere to sleep and as I keep going the hall widens and the people gradually disappear.

On each side there are multiple doorless rooms that all hold a single couch with a TV in front of it, always playing some TV show in black and white. In the rooms are muppets, but there's something wrong with them. It's hard to explain; the only one I remember is a muppet that looked like Bert from Sesame Street and he's saying something to me but his mouth is moving too realistically. I know I could sleep on any of these couches, but the muppets just freak me out too much so I keep walking further down the hallway.

Eventually the hall turns into the hallway from my old high school, except it's completely dark and there's something wet on the floor. I reach the end of the hall and reluctantly turn around... and that's when I woke up.